Does America make a lot of eco friendly clothing?



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    Yes! One of the many places is called their clothes are made from recycled or used American made materials. They are screen printed in Seattle, Washington and are really cute! They only use “American made products that are sweat shop free.” The inks used are not “leaching VC, Phthalates, Organo-Tin Compounds, Heavy metals, PCP or Pesticides into the environment.”



    [img_assist|nid=178205|title=my eco wear shirt|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=557]




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    Here’s a list of eco-friendly clothing stores – there are so many of them! 🙂

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    There are a lot of them, but unfortunately many of the clothing is produced abroad. 

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    Yes, an example would be a company called Jonano. There are also high-end designers who are undertaking the green industry as well. There are tons of them, and I’m sure you can do a little research on the net. 

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