Does America do a better job of wildlife conservation than any other country?



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    America has many great organizations that excel at wildlife conservation (such as the Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy) but there are many international organizations that do very well at supporting global wildlife conservation as well like the World Wildlife Fund and Conservation International. The U.S. certainly does a good job providing wildlife conservation but that doesn’t necessarily make it any better than any other country or than an international organization which is working to help wildlife in many different countries. Many countries do have their own wildlife conservation organizations but may also receive aid from international organizations since their country’s budget may not cover all the wildlife conservation. Our country’s budget is fairly large for wildlife conservation. For 2012 the Fish and Wildlife Service’s budget is proposed for $1.7 billion ( The 2012 budget also proposes full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. So while the U.S. does have a large budget for its conservation that doesn’t necessarily do a better job than any other country.

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