Does all rain come from the ocean?



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    Rain can actually come from water vapor that has evaporated from lakes, forests, fields, animals, and plants in addition to the oceans. The water vapor from all of these sources condenses and returns to the Earth as precipitation and replenishes them (USGS, 2011).

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    I agree with what nellieliz4 mentioned, there are many different sources for rainfall. I live near the ocean, and I love watching clouds forming over the water and starting to rain. The sources for this water could very well be the ocean itself, although it’s rather hard to know for sure. 

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    Not all rain. Landlocked areas recieve raifall from lakes and rivers.The Great Lakes region’s climate and precipitation are greatly affected by proximity to such a huge expanse of fresh water.

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    Water that eventually falls as precipitation comes from a few different places, as others have mentioned. Water that comes directly from bodies of water turns into vapor through evaporation. Water from plants that turns to vapor does so through transpiration. Sublimation is the process by which ice turns into vapor without melting. Water makes it to these sources originally through a number of different ways: precipitation, surface runoff, snowmelt runoff, and human application to name a few.

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