Does all this new green energy in China make a difference if they still continue to build coal plants faster than any other nation?



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    Not too much. Although coal remains the main energy source and will most likely stay that way in the foreseeable future, the rise of renewable energy, especially wind power, is helping to slow China’s reliance on coal and curtail emissions of global warming gases. The government now intends to derive 15% of China’s energy from renewable sources by 2020. But if one correlates energy production to GNP, even assuming China achieves western levels of energy intensity, China is going to have to increase their energy production from 50 quadrillion BTU’s per year to over 250 quads. This means that while production of renewable energy in China is set to increase by staggering amounts, the amount of fossil fuel derived energy consumption in China, in absolute terms, is going to quintuple in the next few decades.

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