Does all BO smell the same?



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    No, it does not. Men and women produce different kinds of BO smells, and this is because the bacteria that break down sweat on each gender produce different compounds. For example, samples from men’s armpits show that they produce 5 milligrams of a certain sulfur-containing compound, while samples from women’s armpits show that they only produce .05 milligrams of this same compound. It is claimed that women smell more like onions, while men smell more like stinky cheese.

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    Actually, individuals’ sweat varies subtley based not just on their sex, but also their DNA, and it may be that whom we’re sexually attracted to is at least partially based on smell. 

    When we smell that someone has an immune system that’s a lot different from ours, we tend to find that person more attractive.  Scientists think this is because a baby who’s born to  parents of variable immune systems will have a more well-rounded defense against disease and thus be more likely to survive.

    Here’s a really good clip explaining the experiment they did to figure some of this out.

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    The food you eat can also have an impact on what your sweat smells like. Remember that one purpose of sweat is to remove toxins from your body, and of you are eating a lot of processed food or certain spices, they can come out noticeably in your sweat. According to one article, things like garlic, cumin, and curry can make your body odor worse. Another article cites red meat, and I can speak from experience that eating better really does reduce the intensity of body odor.

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