Does algae in the ocean get rid of carbon?



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    Helps algae does help lower amounts of carbon. Like plants, they are photosynthetic and produce oxygen through photosynthesis by absorbing carbon dioxide. Thus algae helps lower the amount of carbon by using it as an energy source. Many organisms rely on algae and its ability to produce dissolved oxygen concentration. One example would be in 2002, when a massive decay of algae caused a rapid reduction in dissolved oxygen concentration. This caused tens of thousands of rock lobsters to become stranded on the surface in search of oxygen. This just shows how important algae is for other organisms as well as its ability to lower amounts of carbon. 

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    Yes.  Algae has the property of absorbing carbon dioxide.  Algae after having absorbed carbon can be harvested for use as fuel.  A company called Carbon Capture Corporation that is in its fifth year is an industry leader in algae based bio fuels. 

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    A wonderful resource on Algal properties and its uses is the book called ‘Green Algae Strategy’ by Mark Edwards. 


    Algae is actually responsible for converting Earth’s early atmosphere from CO2 to O2, and provides over half of our oxygen today. It thrives in salt water but can survives in brine and wastewater as well. 


    Edwards, Mark. Green Algae Strategy – End Oil Imports and Engineer Sustainable Food and Fuel. Mark Edwards. Tempe. 2008

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    Aactually not really! More than 99% of the organic carbon from aglae dissolves back into the water column after it dies and sinks in the ocean. Less than 1% of the carbon is buried in the ocean sediment and permanently removed from the atmosphere, the rest will just come out of the ocean in a region of upwelling at some later time and go back into the atmosphere. This is the major reason why iron fertilization of the ocean is not really a permanent solution to removing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

    Here is a map where you can see the regions in red are the places where upwelling water brings carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere

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