Does algae grow much faster than any other biofuel?



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    The simplest answer is yes. As of now, algae is the most sustainable resource for mass production of biofuels. This is done by growing the algae in an enclosed light-permeable container. The algae grown is genetically engineered to produce the most oil for its consumption. The oil is then extracted off and is in turn used to create biofuel.

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    Yes, algae is the biofuel source with the most potential. Many of the algae in question will grow as fast as it has food. Since the food they need is actually carbon dioxide it has been proposed that algae farms be made next to existing coal fired power plants so that the carbon produced in the power plant can be pumped directly into the algae to make it grow faster. Further more the precipitate made from the algae can be refined directly into diesel compatible with current engines. Thus no new infrastructure need be built.

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