Does alcohol warm up your body?



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    Bizarrely enough, while alcohol may seem to have a warming effect it actually helps decrease body temperature. So while it seems alcohol is making you hotter, causing flush cheeks and warm skin, what is really happening is quite the opposite. When humans feel cold its because our blood flow is concentrated in the organs rather than the skin. This happens in order to keep our core body temperature warm. When alcohol is consumed the blood flows back into the skin, creating the illusion we are warm when our core body temperature is decreasing. The decrease in body temperature is rarely noticed due to intoxication and the effect alcohol has on blood flow to the skin.

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    Alcohol increases your blood circulation by increasing your heart rate and expanding your blood vessels. I don’t think it directly raises your body temperature, but the other effects make you feel like you have just ran 5 miles in a warm afternoon. By increasing blood flow, your body heat is better distributed in your body, so you feel warmer. 

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