Does Al Gore deserve his nobel prize?



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    Well, this is very much an opinion question. There are some people that think he deserves it, and there are some who think that he doesn’t. I fall into the latter group because I believe he was simply lucky. He took the original scare factor of global warming, and used it to make himself look like a better environmentalist. When he and Maurice Strong created the idea of carbon credits they did nothing but ride the wave of global warming, and give America yet another reason to fall into an elitist-based political world. The basis of the carbon credit was this: People who are rich can buy more credit than poorer people, and as such, they can therefore do less for the environment in the long run. As such, no, I don’t think he was deserving of the award.

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    While environmentalism is a form of peace (protecting animals, plants and furthering the health of people) I think there are more concentrated forms of Peace efforts- like working to stop wars, teach people acceptance and respect, bring cultures together.  In my mind, that’s more deserving of a Nobel Award.  This is not to say that environmental efforts should go unnoticed or unawarded, but perhaps we should create a separate award.  Both of these avenues are exceptional in purpose and deserve recognition/appreciation.  I would be more willing to nominate Gore in such instance.

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