Does air pollution effect fertility rates?



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    Good question, Demetrius.  The answer is yes, it does, along with many other factors as well.  In a paper found on, there are the results of a study that focused on socioeconomic factors and air pollution’s effect on fertility rates.  They found that fertility rates and air pollution had an inverse relationship, or in other words, when  air pollution increases fertility decreases.  The study also showed that there were many other factors that effected fertility, such as level of income, temperature, and the availability of physicians.

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    Studies in Brazil have said that yes, air pollution can affect male fertility. It may also complicate a pregnancy.

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    Right now, science points to “yes.” Air in polluted areas is full of small particles, which are charged with chemical pollutants. According to “The finer particles will come into contact with the alveoli and will allow some pollutants go directly into the bloodstream, resulting in diseases.”

    In case studies with mice exposed to pollutants, fertility has dropped. Studies have also shown that men who live in areas with air pollutants have lower sperm counts. In one extreme case, a UK oil company who dumped pollutants around Abidjan, Ivory Coast is accused of causing a rash of miscarriages and other deaths. (See second link)

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