Does Agriculture lead to deforestation in other countries?



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    Absolutely. Two places where this has been a big issue are in China and Brasil. In China the population has grown so much that a huge amount of agriculture is needed to support the new population, and new agricultural land means cutting down forest in many areas. The place where this has been the biggest issue is all along the edges of the rainforest in South America, especially Brasil since it contains the majority of the rainforest. There and been continual population growth and growth in the agriculture sector, and when you are living in the rainforest its is a zero sum game between forest and agricultural land.

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    In most places agriculture is at odds with the native ecosystem–in the American midwest this means the prairie lands, but most other arable land was once forest. There are a few agroforest systems that grow crops wihin the context of the forest–a famous example being shadegrown coffee–but most crop systems are only possible if the forest is cut.

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    Of course, this is especially prominent in South America. Deforestation in these nations for agriculture, leads to removal of rain forests and other forests. In order to compete with other industrialized nations in agriculture, these farmers must remove much more trees. They do not have the technology to maximize their products. They must produce more crops because of it. 

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