Does Africa have the most animals of any country?



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    Sorry to have to correct you, but Africa is a continent, not a country. But you’re right, however, that Africa does in fact have the most populous AND most diversity of animals than any other continent. It’s generally believed to be the oldest territory for animal life (besides the oceans of course,) and the shear vastness of it’s landscape means that nearly all the vegetation zones are present besides polar or tundra. This means that millions of species have been able to evolve in Africa, creating an enormous amount of biodiversity.

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    Actually, statistics on this go back and forth. While many agree that Africa is the most populous continent on the planet (aside from oceans), the most biodiverse ecosystem (again, aside from oceans — where biodiversity implies many different species as opposed to many of the same species) is the rainforest, which can be home to literally millions of not just different animal species, but also plant species. With plants factored into the equation, the biodiversity title is often handed to South America, which has incredibly large and dense rainforests promoting the overall biodiversity of the continent.

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