Does additional packaging nullify the environmental benefits of organic produce?

My local supermarket carries both organic and conventional produce. To distinguish the two, they often package the organic produce with expanded foam trays and plastic wrap – two very wasteful and polluting materials. Of course the organic produce is still healthier for the consumer, but does this additional packaging mean it’s better, from an environmental standpoint, to buy the conventional produce?



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    This is a tough question. The packaging of the organic produce could be environmentally friendly, especially if the plastic wrap is biodegradable plastic. However, if it isn’t, I’d say that the organic produce would be more of a healthier choice for yourself, rather than the environment. The conventional produce with less environmental packaging pollutants wouldn’t be as healthy, but it would benefit the environment more. 

    To be able to properly answer the question I would have to analyze the packaging of the organic produce, but this information is my best bet otherwise!

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