does actually any of this energy turn into mass on earth or not?



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    Energy always has a mass equivalency (E=mc2). However “c squared” is a very high number, which means it takes an enormous amount of energy to create any substantial amount of mass. The stars are a tangible example of this relationship (even though we cant touch them we are aware of their mass and their visibility from unfathomable distances). High energy forms like lightning and fire do have mass, but very little mass. A bolt of lighting is said to have a mass of about half a microgram. We have bared witness to mass becoming energy (hopefully never again) in the explosion of an atomic bomb. It is a perfect example of how many parts energy is equivalent to one part mass.

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      hello there
      I strongly believe that some of sun’s energy on earth turns in to mass actually this is a theory of main ,the reason I asked the original question was to find out if such theory exist? Or is it just my own and no one else thinks the same way!!I believe nature has found a way to achieve this!! We know energy can turn in to mass in nuclear fusion but not in low level energy!!! However as I mentioned I believe natured has found a way to do this in this kind of energy!!! I tried to find a way to prove this theory. But I’ve found out this to be very difficult at this point!! May be in future an experiment can be devised to prove this theory!!! The theory if it happened to be true has a lot of implications; one thing would be we human no longer need to be worried about climate warming because we may be able to control this excess energy into mass hence combating the problem of earth’s warming up.
      A simple calculation would show how much mass needs to be produce from excess energy to control the earth’s temperature.

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