Does the A/C or the heater use more energy?



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    Obviously it depends on where you live, but generally, a heater going at full blast uses more energy than an air conditioner at full blast.  For example, in a cold state such as Minnesota, an average house produces between 8 and 10 thousand pounds of CO2 annually to heat their home (the number varies depending on the heating system used).  The average Floridian central AC, on the other hand, produces about 6,600 pounds of CO2.  Either way, heating and cooling account for a tremendous portion of a household’s energy consumption.

    Fortunately, whether you’re fighting against heat or cold, there are a number of temperature control options that rely on naturally occuring heating/cooling sources, such as the sun, shade, or wind.

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    Like maddie mentioned, it really all depends on where you live. Since I live in California, I rarely ever use my heater. During the hot summer months, I have my AC on a lot more. Even if the heater uses more energy, the short amount of time that I use it doesn’t add up to the amount of energy used by my AC. To help save energy during the summer, I installed energy efficient windows to moderate climate control. There are little things that you can do to help reduce the energy costs. 

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