Do zoos help people become more concerned about conservation?



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    Yes they do.  Check out almost any zoo’s website and there will be a conservation page.  Additionally, most of the zoos that I have visited have at least some of their gift shop profits devoted to conservation efforts.  They also have programs and shows (like bird or dolphin shows) where the trainers educate the audience about the need to preserve habitats and protect wildlife.

    Here is the San Diego zoo’s page

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    Interesting question. I think that part of the hope is that through interaction with such charismatic megafauna as lions and zebras, walruses and penguins, that the public will become at least more aware of the striking diversity of creatures on this earth. Its one thing to read about tigers, yet another to see one on t.v. and still even more powerful to see one in person. Awareness is certainly a first step towards actually being concerned about the state of conservation of these creatures and their habitats. But it is not a guarantee that just by visiting the zoo with his family, little Johnny will become an active and concerned citizen regarding conservation.

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