Do young people feel they need help with the green movement?



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    A website talks about the green movement being about inter-generational cooperation. As youth, we have grown up with “green” being introduced into our vocabulary. Sure, we are the future, but we need help. This same website talks about activists from the 60’s and 70’s coming out of “retirement” so to speak and aiding this youth movement so it has enough strength to push on when they have passed. But yes, as a young person, I feel we do need help with this movement. After all, much of the environmental damage was done during the post-WWII years in which our parents were in their prime. I feel like everyone, young and old, is getting educated on climate change and global warming among other issues. This is one thing, educationally in which we are all on the same page. So yes, young people do feel like we need help in this movement. It’s everyone’s world and we can’t do it alone.

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