Do young people consider environmental aspects when buying their first car?



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    Depends! Does anybody consider environmental aspects when buying a car? The answer rests on whether or not they consider it important to protect the environment, and whether or not this consideration trumps other concerns like cost or brand. I suppose when buying a first car, people would be more likely to worry about cost, but those who are environmentally-minded from an early age would definitely take environmentally friendly cars into consideration.

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    sfincher is right in that it all depends on the person, just like consumerism for so many products. She’s also right in that cost is likely going to dictate the purchase of a person’s first car. Usually for a teenager or young person, a first car will come used with some wear on it, but for an affordable price (less than $10,000). An environmentally mindful car like the Prius is selling for between 25k and 30k, so not many young people can afford a car like that as their first.

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    I believe a lot of young people are faced with the dilemma of price rather than environmental efficiency. Gas prices are high and although fuel efficient cars are all over the market, they are expensive and no first time driver will be able to afford those cars on their own.

    If their parents are buying them the car then perhaps they will get a more fuel efficient vehicle. This will ultimately cost them and their parents less.

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    I mean, part of the appeal of my first car was its mpg. I had the first generation Yaris which got 39/40 highway mpg. Part of the reason I didn’t get a hybrid was cost. The Yaris was probably $10,000 less than the Prius. You obviously can’t say anything about American youth and their car buying patterns from my anecdote, but I’d say gas consumption is a variable that some first-time car buyers consider.

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