Do you want to be green and why?



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    Of course I do. It is a responsibility we all have and I choose to acknowledge mine. If the things I do rub off on other people, then we are making a difference.

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    Yes. I think it is my responsibility as a human being living on this planet to try to preserve it for generations to come as much as possible, especially since human activity is causing so much harm. 

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    Being “green” just makes sense. It generally requires only a little extra effort and creates a better world for everyone.

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    Yes I want to be green because it only had positive outcomes.  A few simple steps can make a big difference in the future of the planet, and I see it as my responsibility to do my part.  I never want to be held accountable for damage done to the environment, and by being green, I feel that I am helping save it.

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    Absolutely! Being green is not just a responsibilty it is also a way to show that we can live harmoniously with our environment. What we take we should also be willing to give back. As Charles Bukowski said it, “You begin saving the world by saving one man at a time.”

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    I absolutely want to be green. It makes me feel good about myself to be part of a movement that I agree with and find necessary. I grew up near the ocean, redwood forests, and lots of open space. I have a true appreciation, love, and deep respect for the environment because of this. I also think that when others see my passion they are inspired to work a little harder themselves. 

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    Going green is important for every human being on this planet.  Whether or not someone is participating in “green” behavior, they are affected.  The ways in which we live affect the Earth and those living on the Earth.  By taking steps to be more green, it is one step closer to sustainability and the hope of halting and reducing the damage already done to the Earth.

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    I want to be green so that I feel good about myself and know that I am making a better world for my children and my children’s children.

    The previous generations have mostly left it up to us to fix all of the problems they created, and I don’t want to do that for future generations.

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