Do you use your twitter to promote green ideas?



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    Twitter, like any social networking site, can be used to promote green ideas and sustainable living. I do link environment related articles and news pieces to my tweets and also “follow” people who are interested in environmental welfare. It’s a great medium to raise awareness about green ideas, if used effectively.

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    No, I do use Twitter to promote green ideas for the simple reason that I do not possess a Twitter account.  I do believe social networking and digital media are important facets of mass communications that gain exposure for green initiatives.  I don’t have a Twitter account yet, and I’ve barely dabbled in reading other people’s tweets, so maybe as I become more familiar with what the website has to offer, I might open an account and promote some green living.

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    I think these social networking sites can be a useful tool for spreading a message to a wide group of individuals. I posted a few links to videos that bring attention to several environmental issues. I think it is important to be selective about what information is posted because we can get overwhelmed with the amount of messages being spread around online.

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    I think that Twitter is an excellent way to promote green ideas.  On my personal Twitter I do not tend to post anything green, but I follow GreenAnswers on Twitter, and I think they do a great job posting about thought-provoking topics.

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    Although I don’t personally use Twitter, I think it can be postiviely used for the promotion of green ideas. There are millions of people who use Twitter daily, which makes it a very easy to use and accessible website. People who share green ideas can get their message across very easily and instantly. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are good platforms for anyone with a positive message, where people can learn from others they wouldn’t normally have contact with.

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    I’m not much of a Twitter person, however, it’s a great way to spread the word about green articles, news and tips. If you have a good following ( or a green-inclined audience) then Twitter is a great social media platform to help promote your green ideas. Many green companies are also present on Twitter and it’s a good strategy to follow them and give shout outs to them whenever you tweet about related interests.

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    I don’t use twitter, but i share articles about sustainability and green issues through facebook. I don’t really expect it to gain a lot of attention or change people of doing things, but at least I am spreading the word. 

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    While Twitter can be used to spread green ideas, I think that sites like GreenAnswers, which are specifically geared towards green ideas and green questions are more effective. Sometimes Twitter and Facebook can be more effective because they spread information to people who may not cnosider it otherwise, but sites like GreenAnswers caters to people who are actually making an effort to care about the environment and are interested in learning more about it. Overall, both can be effective tools for spreading green ideas and information. 

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