Do you use reusable bags when you go shopping?



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    Yes I use any bag I have at my home to buy groceries with. You can also purchase reusable bags for about a dollar at Whole Foods and your local grocery store. Not only does it cut down on the use of plastic, but now I don’t have plastic bags just sitting around my home!

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    I don’t use canvas reusable bags, but I do ask for paper at the checkout. I then use the paper bags at home for my recycling, so the bags I get at the grocery store are still being put to use in some way.

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    I used to use canvas bags when shopping, but I usually forget. A way to fix this problem is to place the bags back into your vehicle after they are used.

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    Yes. It took me a while remember taking them to the store with me, but now its a habit. I bought my first set of bags from Greensak about 3 years ago and have never used a plastic bag since.

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