do you use less or the same electricity if you use a dimmer to dim your electric lights?



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    I am not sure about this, but I think that it uses less. If we think that using one lightbulb instead of 2 uses less electricity, it makes sense to assume using 2 at a lower lighting output would have the same effect. If you want to be sure to use less just take out a couple of bulbs.

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      I cannot rmove the lightbulbs..they are all connected high in the ceiling..but I can dim them..I have been told the eletricity just backs up at the site when its dimmed and you dont use less..but I wanted to know for sure if it was worth it to go around dimming lights..Thanks..Is there an electrical expert oout there??

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    Hey debbie,

    The amount of energy your dimmer switches will use depends mostly on their age.  Older dimmer switches act on the dogma of Ohm’s Law, which states that if you increase resistence, the amount of current coming through the wire to the light will go down, in effect, the light will be dimmer.  They use a “variable resistor” to achieve the dimming effect.  The bad part about this is that more resistence, although reducing current, does not reduce voltage, which has to go somewhere.  It is converted into heat in a resistor and lost.  So if you have old dimmer switches, you will use the same amount of power whether it is bright or dimmed.

    Ask an electrician or a friend who knows about circuitry to identify whether or not you have an old-type dimmer switch.

    If you do, the best thing to do is to update the switch.  Newer dimmer switches do not use resistors at all, so no energy is lost as heat.  Instead, they work by rapidly turning on and off the current that enters the circuit, thus reducing the average current that travels through the light.  It will switch off longer when the light is dimmer, shorter when the light is brighter.  This ends up saving you a lot of wasted energy.

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