Do you think that the yucca valley nuclear storage facility is a good idea?



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    I wouldn’t say the Yucca mountain storage site was a “good” idea, but it was the one of the safer options for storing nuclear waste.  The site is well monitored because of its proximity to nuclear testing facilities and it isn’t too close to much of anything.  Nevada is one of the most sparsely populated and desolate places in the United States.

    What this debate should really be forcing humans to realize though, is the long term ramifications of nuclear energy.  Yes, nuclear energy is cheap and clean in the short term, but where will we put the bi-products when the fuel rods are spent?  There’s no place in the world that would store anything this dangerous.  Yucca mountain was a good idea because it was safe, but what we should be asking ourselves is, is nuclear power a good idea?

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    Good redirection of the question.  Yucca Mountain should lead us to ask “Is nuclear power a good idea?”     If waste is so toxic that we need to find “desolate” places to store it, I’d say no.   The world’s not as large as we think, and even things that occur in the most desolate places have potential to affect a greater part of the earth in the long run.   If you go to and listen to Dr. John Wargo’s environmental law courses from Yale, you can find out a lot about how dumping waste or performing nuclear tests in desolate places has affected the environment globally and the people who were closest to the activity, but due to poverty and more powerful forces (ex: the US government) never had the opportunity to voice their experiences.  

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