Do you think that yucca mountain will open back up during Obama’s term?



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    I believe so.  They were expected to open up this year, but due to a handful of lawsuits, they have been unable to.  The process of converting Yucca Mountain into a safe nuclear repository is also underfunded, currently needing about $578 million.  That aside, the project should see completion in the next two years (or the next six, hopefully) :).

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    Lack of funds is definitely a problem for the Yucca Mountain repository, but according to the Yucca Mountain website, they planned on receiving their first nuclear shipment in 2020.

    The Obama administration actually shut down the project in 2009, but the American Nuclear Society is urging them to reconsider.  Nevada Senator Harry Reid is very opposed to the repository.  A lot of the reasons behind closing down the site are political; it may take scientists a significant amount of time to overcome the political and fiscal roadblocks.  I don’t expect the project to go forward any time soon, although if Obama is re-elected, perhaps it has a chance by the end of his second term.

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