Do you think that the world cup or the winter olympics will be more green?



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    I think the World Cup will be more green than the Olympics. For the Olympics, they already had to take truckloads of snow from nearby mountains to have enough snow for all the events. Also, they had to put down specials chemicals that made the snow a certain consistency (icey? Or slushy? I’m not sure) for there to be consistency for the courses since it was so hot there for the past few weeks. 

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    I think they will and they in fact already have.  VANOC, the olympic committee in Vancouver has been using an electric machine to clean the ice instead of the traditional zamboni where evere possible in one effort to make the games more green.  Several of the athlete’s housing areas are also very energy efficient using the latest in thermal technologies.  In fact, these Vancouver Olympic games have been often referred to as “The Green Games” due to the efforts being taken to consider the environment. This trend should and will continue in major world sporting events.

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