Do you think the world can ever unite to fight global warming?



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    Yes, I do think that this is possible however, several things have to happen in order to realistically unite in an effort to combat global warming. Public agencies at all levels are in existence to provide the much-needed services to individuals and to meet the demands of communities. There needs to be an increased awareness among individuals concerning global warming issues and the negative impact that they are having on the planet. If there are enough people that care about these issues and want something done about them, then this creates a demand for service and puts pressure on public agencies to deliver. There also needs to be good leadership at all levels within government and among any other organizations (nonprofit or for-profit) that become involved in a project of this magnitude. Finally, leadership needs to partake in a collaborative effort to create practical policies that support the fight against global warming. Community members should have the opportunity to vote on any propositions before they are implemented and enforced.

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    Actually, there is an organisation much like the one that nellieliz4 describes. It is called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC is essentially a group of scientists who collaborate to study the effects of global warming and to propose solutions to deal with it. Many government agencies, including the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), rely on the IPCC for information and take their suggestions seriously. If you poke around the EPA website, you’ll see that they reference IPCC research frequently.

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