Do you think without the oil spill Obama will be able to push for renewables as much as he is going to be able to?



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    I don’t think that Obama’s political capital regarding renewable energy is going to die out just because the physical oil leak has finally been capped.

    The actual oil flow may be stopped, but there are still billions of gallons of oil in the Gulf that need to be addressed, shoreside economies that remain devastated, and entire ecosystems that may have been permanently damaged. If Obama chooses to, he will be able to use these consequences to remind the nation of the dangers that both unregulated business and off-shore oil drilling inherently represent, for a very long time.

    In short, I don’t really thing that just because of the cap, Obama’s “without” the oil spill. We’re all going to be feeling the effects of the oil spill for a very, very long time, with or without a constant flow of oil into the Gulf.

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