Do you think this will be considered generation green?



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    I think our generation is too popularly viewed as being the “high-tech” generation to change. (We are generally competent with computers and cell phones, ubiquitous in today’s society.) Additionally, I think the next generation will be better suited to be called green. Hopefully, in the 20-30 years that will pass while the next generation is born and grows up, we will be running on a lot more renewable energy, and be much more energy efficient. Hopefully we will also have solved a lot of our water and pollution problems, and people will be greener in their everyday lives than we are today.

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    I would agree with the above answer. Our current youth is extremely technology dependent. I do believe though that once the green movement has been in effect for a longer period of time, that it will take precendents, and be a main concern for the youth. Then they can claim the title of generation green.

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