Do you think when all is said and done $20 billion was enough to pay everyone involved with the oil spill?



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    In my personal opinion, 20 billion is not enough. I think it will cost more than that just to thoroughly clean up the spill. BP also needs to recognize the people who died in the explosion and adequately compensate the families. 20 billion is  a good start, but I feel that it will cost more than that.

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    I agree with jacoba. Personally, I don’t believe that 20 billion is enough. We aren’t even sure how extensive the damage is in the Gulf from the spill, and I don’t think we can know for sure how much it will take to clean it up. There are several other costs that need to be taken into consideration as well, like the families of the men who died on the rig, and the business that was lost by tourism-driven cities on the Gulf Coast.

    I read somewhere that if there is no cap on the amount that oil companies can be charged for spills, that companies will be more likely to take extra steps to make sure that spills and accidents don’t happen. If there is no limit to the amount of money that a company can be charged after an accident, companies may make sure that regulations are followed and that their equipment is in proper working order.

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