Do you think that whales will ever go extinct?



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    It depends on which species you are referring to exactly. Any animal that is not properly cared for in terms of life expectancy and survival risks extinction.

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    I do not think so. There is a lot of room in the oceans for whales to hide out. Also, with stricter whaling and hunting laws, it would be hard to hunt a species to extinction. Or at least I hope so. 

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    I think that there are a lot of threats to whale populations, and whale hunting is just one of them. Collision with ships accounts for 90% of unnatural whale deaths, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature, and I only see this threat rising in an increasingly globalized economy (alongside water pollution). The right whale, blue whale, and humpback whale are all endangered, and I do think it is very possible for these to become extinct. I don’t think that all whale species could become extinct in this lifetime, but perhaps a hundred years down the road. It depends on how much effort is invested in preservation.

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