do you think we would need to use nuclear power to have a chance of being coal free?



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    No; there are many ways around using either of those: photovoltaic energy, wind energy, biomass, hydro power and more. The problem of course is figuring out how to yield enough energy from these sources to replace the massive amounts of energy fossil fuels are currently producing for us. Because there are so many alternatives being developed, power companies are beginning to incorporate several of these alternatives all at once (Portland General Electric is one such company). When these alternatives supplement each other they collectively generate  enough energy to power our homes and businesses. This clean energy is being commercialized. However clean energy currently doesn’t generate anything close to the amount of energy needed to power entire populations. That will take more research and a lot more investment. 

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    Also, nuclear power plants aren’t going to last forever. Nuclear energy is made from Uranium, and Uranium isn’t a sustainable resource. There is a limited supply out there, and at the current rate that it’s being consumed, there will be none left in about 30 years. So even if we were to convert all of our power as nuclear power, that would only last us so long. Finding more sustainable sources of power would be the best solution, like solar energy. 

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