Do you think we would be talking about global warming like we are now if it weren’t for the inconvenient truth?



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    If the inconvenient truth never happened, I think we would still be talking about global warming.  The things that will incite the most anger amongst the public are the catastrophes caused by global warming, such as the fires in Russia, Australia, and California.

    If global warming didn’t exist, the public would still be demanding a shift in our energy dependence from oil to renewable energy resources.  Most of the public knows that our dependence on oil has caused a lot of suffering, the most recent example being the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  These are the things that incite anger amongst the public, not a movie. 

    We live in exciting times.  Our global awareness is collectively shifting toward a consciousness of how we treat our environment.  It is this shift that will fuel the major changes of the 21st Century. 




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    I think global warming or climate change would still be political issue whether Al Gore released An Inconvenient Truth or not. However, the movie certainly thrust the issue into the spotlight.

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    I definitely agree with the above statements. We would still be discussing global warming even if An Inconvenient Truth was never released. Global warming has become a large issue to where even fictional movies have been created to depict what it may be able to produce (The Day After Tomorrow). There is a growing demand for renewable resources and cheaper alternatives: electric cars are beginning to slowly become a part of the market, and seems to be growing as time progresses; biofuels such as Ethanol are being created as an alternative for other types of energy. Even if An Inconvenient Truth was never made, people would still raise awareness about glorbal warming. Fortunately, the documentary was created, and propelled global warming to global importance.

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