Do you think that we will start to have three cylinder cars in America?



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    I would say yes. There’s a market for it in America. Demonstrated by the hybrid craze, Americans are willing to buy cars with more fuel-efficient engines. The green movement is growing in the US and car manufacturers shouldn’t have much trouble selling green cars. As for production, car companies would benefit from innovation. Progress makes money. Even if American car manufacturers don’t develop three cylinder cars, foreign companies would likely begin to sell theirs in our country. As said before, America is a huge market for cars. Unlike in many other countries, particularly in Europe, most American families own cars.

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    I agree that we could start seeing more three cyclinder cars in the U.S.  The technology has been around for a while, and has even been used on a small scale in America already (in the past).  What’s more, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are rumored to be working on manufacturing three cylinder vehicles, which might help make three cyclinder vehicles a higher commodity, and therefore a more desirable buy.

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