Do you think we will see more people use the electric unicycle than the segway?



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    Neither product seems like it is destined to catch on with the mainstream public, so both will probably be relegated to niche consumer groups. The Segway was supposed to revolutionize urban pedestrian travel, but since its inception it has not been well-received. The electric unicycle will probably see the same fate.

    Urban citizens who walk or use public transit for most of their transportation are not likely to change their lifestyles to adapt to the Segway or any similar product. Electric scooters, mopeds, and even Segways are popular with a small group of people who are drawn to the novelty and functionality of the vehicles, and who are comfortable with driving the vehicle in traffic (maneuvering around cars on the street, or people on the sidewalk), parking and keeping an eye on the vehicle while they are inside stores or in the workplace, and remembering to keep the vehicle charged so as not to run out of battery power away from home. But most people are not willing to adapt to the above issues, so it’s not likely that the majority of the public will be riding Segways instead of walking anytime soon. That’s just the way I see it working, having lived in a couple large cities – it would be great to hear from some people who do ride Segways to see what they think.

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