Do you think we will see more or less investing in green tech during 2010?



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    In 2010 it will entirely depend on the state of the US and world economy. People will want to invest in green technology as public demand continues to increase, but history shows that money is always the most influential factor in research and policy. If there is a big enough market, then yes we will see more and more investment in green technologies. As for 2010, it is probably unlikely that green tech will be a priority though given the 10% (probably closer to 15%) unemployment rate here in the US, wars in the Middle East, and a controversial healthcare bill still on the table.  

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    However, if you look at all of these problems (unemployment rate, war in the middle east, and healthcare), they could all be remedied (maybe not healthcare as directly) by investing in green technology. New green technology means new jobs all along the production process (from research and development, engineering, production and distribution), and if we can harness more renewable energy, then oil will be of less concern to us which would make it a lot easier to pull out of the middle east. I expect to see a lot more global investment into green technology in 2010.

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    I think we will see much more. The political leaders in the US, particularly Obama, have and will continue to promote green technologies by offering monetary incentives and tax breaks to people.  Moreover, state and local governments are doing the same.  They are promoting energy efficiency at home and while traveling, and there is no reason that will change.

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