Do you think we will run our of food or water first as our population continues to grow?



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    I think water.  As long as we have water, we will have food.  Plus so much of our food goes to feeding livestock.  If we just stop having factory livestock operations, there will plenty of crops for a while. 

    Plus with all the pollution we put in water, and how we need much more of that than food, I think it is safe to say that water will go first. 

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    The answer is absolutely water. America currently overproduces on food, while other places in the world starve. The much bigger issue regardless of social standing or location is the world’s water supply. 1 % of the world’s water is accessible to humans, 1 billion people do not have acess to clean water. And according to U.S. drought monitor over half of the United States currently have water issues.

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