Do you think we will push more towards clean energy because of the oil spill?



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    I certainly think so, and so does the US Assistant Energy Secretary (in May, even when the spill estimates were still low, the Secretary was quoted in a Reuters article, linked below). The mainland of the US has now been hit with the consequences of our oil addiction, and perhaps this disaster will change people’s minds about the consumption of oil. Many of the states that have barely considered clean energy have been affected by the spill, so hopefully that will influence the citizens’ opinions about rampant use of oil.

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    It usually takes a huge event like this for people to start seeing and experiencing the effects of relying on fossil fuels. Before, environmentalism and green energy would be left to the “hippies,” while everyone else would be complacent in using convenient and cheap fossil fuels. Popular acceptance of global warming is starting to decline according to polls, and the effects of global warming aren’t apparent to the average individual.

    But, having an oil spill and seeing the effects it has on the wildlife and on the individuals in the area is usually enough to jolt people into recognition. This is a great opportunity for us to push for alternative fuels.

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    Yes I definitely think that there will be more of a push for clean energy due to the oil spill.  The fact that it will have such a widespread effect on people along the coast and the fact that it is getting so much publicity is really getting the word out to people about the dangers fossil fuel mining.  It has proven to not just be detrimental to the environment and animals, but to the economy of the Gulf states and the jobs of the people around there.  Even people who aren’t all that concerned about the environment now see the dangers of working with fossil fuels.  Most people don’t want to see the environment and animals hurt so badly, and absolutely no one wants to be in a situation where they are jobless due to a careless act associated with fossil fuels.  Thus, people will be pushing towards a source of energy that allows them to keep their way of life while also lessening the risk associated with fossil fuels.

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