Do you think we will have a state or a federal climate bill first?



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    Obviously state.  many states already have different regulations on climate change and pollution.  in fact you could probably say that California already does have one to some degree with their innovative strategies such as the California Converter 

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    I have to agree. States can get regulations accepted much faster than anything nationwide could. Individual states know their resources and only have to factor things that they are in charge off. Federal bills require a bill that each 50 states agrees to and accepts but also can realistically follow. That is a much bigger process than getting a state wide bill accepted. 

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    It all depends on which state you live in. Conservative, liberal, libertarian, etc. The federal government often makes harsher laws than the states and due to the the Supremacy Cause, the states must follow these rules. In NY, where I live, I believe that we will see a state climate bill before a federal. Hopefully!

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