Do you think we will ever see a hurricane as devastating as Katrina ever again?



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    I sure hope not. There is always a chance of a huge natural disaster that can cause a lot of damage however. On the other hand, I think Katrina really opened people’s eyes however, and I think we are more prepared for such a natural disaster now. Even if there is a storm as big or bigger than Katrina, I don’t think we will be caught as unprepared and therefore I don’t think there will ever be a more devastating hurricane. 

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    Absolutely.  Increases in tropical sea surface temperatures are directly correlated with intensity of hurricanes.  Climate change is having an impact on ocean temperatures in a big way. Oceans have warmed about 0.3 of a degree F in the past century and will continue to get warmer.  Warmer oceans equals more intense tropical storms.  Also, with sea level rise storm surge zones will move further inland resulting in more damage than ever before.  

    I recommend reading High Tide by Mark Lynas for more on this topic.

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