Do you think we will ever see green jobs pay better than non green ones?



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    Yes! There are green jobs that already pay better than non-green jobs.

    For example, there is this job, at an environmentally-friendly house-cleaning company in Boston, that pays $10 an hour:

    And this job, for a regular maid service, that pays $9 an hour:

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    Green jobs generally fall under companies that are non profit organizations making their ability to pay as much as other companies much harder. There are a few green jobs that do pay very well, such as consultants.

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    Yes definitely, I know of many people who already get paid a lot in the “green” industry. It is still just as corrupt and capitalistic as other industries, but at least they are doing something. It is like how China is committing themselves to some green technologies because they see it as the future and a way to make a lot of money. 

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