Do you think we will ever see gas car manufacturing disappear?



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    I believe that over time we will see the production gasoline car phased out. The ordinary sedan, SUV, or truck will run on electricity or hydrogen because it will prove to be the environmentally correct choice. But, we will not see the gasoline powered car disappear forever. Super-car companies, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, etc., will likely continue to produce gasoline powered cars. These companies turn the gasoline engine into an art form, and it is unlikely that the culture that follows these cars will ever die out. You will not be able to convince a car buff that we should get rid of twin turbo engines because they are bad for the environment. To the car aficionado, engines are an art form, and I believe we will see gasoline cars around as an art.

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    Yes, but it is going to be awhile. The oil companies have incredible resources to fight to keep gasoline powered cars in production and CAFE standards low.

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