Do you think we will ever run out of water on earth?



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    No I don’t think so. So much of the Earth’s surface is water, so it would be very hard for all the water to be used up. It would take something quite drastic for all the water to run out too because the Earth is a closed system, meaning it never gains or loses water. 

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    I do not think it will run out of water, but if you meant fresh water than yes. I definitely think this is what the next world war will be fought over. I can not imagine what the middle east is going to look like in 20 years. 

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    I don’t think so.  Desalination is gaining more popularity, and technology to make any water potable is a high priority.  The reason it is a high priority, though, is because many poorer regions don’t have access to clean water.  So, while it’s unlikely that the Earth will run out of water, the problem of distribution does need to be addressed.

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    The earth is 70 percent water so it’s highly unlikely that we will run out. Unless there is a long-term drought the chance of running out of water is slim.

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    Probably not, if the human population reach’s the point where the Earth’s water supply, not just the drinking water is in doubt, then we will be long past the point of no return.

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