Do you think we will ever replace the text book with e-readers?



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    That’s an interesting question because it matters both on an environmental level and on a personal level. Environmentally, books are extremely detrimental because they take up a lot of energy, a lot of trees, and a lot of fossil fuel (transporting books) in order to get them printed and in the stores. E-readers don’t use these same resources and can hold about 22.5 physical books within it. Then you need to worry about getting schools the E-readers so that kids can use them, and a lot of schools don’t necessarily have funding for this. Then you need to worry about the safety of the E-reader in the hands of the kids: some kids are destructive and may break the E-reader. It would make things a lot easier in the classroom to have E-readers because you could have all the children’s texts in the same place. The E-readers save space and resources, but I would personally be very sad to see books disappear.

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