Do you think we will ever have an environmental war?



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    Certain environmental issues do pose problems in the relations of countries with one another. Pollution that travels across national borders and disputes about rights to shared water and food sources are all potential flash points. Of these it is easy to imagine during a crisis disputes about access to water (essentially a matter of life or death) setting off a conflict leading to war. While this dispute appears on the surface to be simply a conflict over resources, it can also be accurately described as an environmental war, as pollution and overuse–two key environmental issues–are root causes of water scarcity.

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    Most wars are about the environment because most wars are about land and territory. Ownership of natural resources and land has been fought over for thousands of years and continues to be a cause of conflict today.

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    I’m not sure what you mean by this question. I think it’s entirely likely we will have wars over natural resources — honestly, this is already the reason for most wars and it may only get worse as oil reserves dwindle, etc. I don’t think it’s likely there will be any wars over political ideology or environmental policy disputes between different nations, at least, not solely.

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