Do you think we will ever have 10% of our vehicles be electric driven?



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    I do, because I believe that as environmental impact becomes an increasing concern in the economic decisions of both individuals and businesses, ultimately there will be significant demand for technology that will make electric cars as practical a transportation choice as gasoline-powered cars are today. Car manufacturers are already devoting significant resources to the development of hybrid vehicles and pure electric (plug-in) cars, and some models such as the REVA-i from India have already achieved some measure of market penetration. However, I think the key advance will be not the cars themselves, but the infrastructure to support them. Having an electric car today is only a feasible option if it’s realistic to expect you will find a charging station when you need one, or that when your car breaks down you can easily find a mechanic who knows how to repair it. Advances are already being made in these areas–for example, there are today 36 electric vehicle charging stations in the city of Los Angeles, a place that desperately needs alternatives to gas-powered cars. When 10% of America’s (or the world’s) private automobiles will be electric-powered is anyone’s guess, but it is not unrealistic to suppose that it may happen.

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