Do you think we will ever find a way to safely store nuclear power?



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    I think that we will find a way to store nuclear power.  As technology grows, we have been able to do things that no one thought possible.  We went into space, we made it to the deep ocean, and countless other things.  I think it is inevitable that with all of the research we are putting into nuclear energy that we will find a way to store the energy, along with ways to store energy from all of the other types of alternative energy.  We are just putting in too much money to not find a way.

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    I think that not only is this possible, but it is a necessity. Technology is constantly improving and new synthetics are being invented everyday. It is only a matter of time before researchers will come up with a material that safely contacts nuclear power and nuclear waste. Of course, much of science is limited by funding, but because of the safety issues and the need, this area of research is well funded and a lot of intelligent, well-trained individuals are working on the problem. I suspect we will hear of a solution in the very near future.

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