Do you think we will ever drop another atomic bomb?



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    I highly doubt anyone will ever drop another atomic bomb since the world is a different place now than it was back then.  But that is never to say it is not possible.  Anything is possible when people need the feel to defend themselves, their land, and their country.  The world is also a dangerous place with a lot of people that are crazy enough to pull a drop like this and with access to it.  It is a delicate environment we live in right now but it seems like sanity is proving to succeed so far.

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    Personally, no. People often assume that nuclear weapons have one use, and that is a purely combat military use. In fact the real reason nuclear weapons exist, and why countries continue to possess and pursue them, is because they are so horrible and frightening that nobody would want to actually explode them, which gives them a deterrent capability. This was the whole theory behind the US and USSR’s policies during the Cold War which, as insane as they were, seem (ironically) to have been pretty successful in preventing a nuclear war. The reason countries like Iran and North Korea want nuclear weapons is because they think these weapons will make them immune to attack. They’re probably right. Who’s going to go bomb Tehran if Ahmedinejad has the capability to retaliate with an atom bomb? The only circumstance I can imagine in which a state leader of any country gives an order to attack with a nuclear weapon is if his or her country is already under some form of catastrophic attack. As bphadiar points out, the real danger is not a country deciding to use nuclear weapons, but some lone nut (or group of nuts) who want to make a big noise and throw a monkey wrench into the delicate political processes that (barely) keep a lid on the world as it is. It’s difficult to defend against this sort of threat, and it’s impossible to deter it effectively, which is why the specter of nuclear proliferation in the world is justifiably frightening.

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