Do you think we will ever drive a solar car?



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    People have already made and driven solar cars. If you’re talking about a mainstream solar car, though, that’s a long ways off. In terms of a purely solar-powered car, the panels we currently have aren’t efficient enough to get cars up to highway speed. Furthermore, panels are expensive, and taking into account the need for aerodynamics to help movement/speed, this results in an expensive one-seater car that’s unsafe, goes up to 60 mph at most, and heats up quickly. There’s also the issue of how much energy can be stored for rainy days and nighttime.
    For now, hybrid or electric cars with some solar power seems to be much more practical than a full on solar car.

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    I don’t think we will ever drive solar cars. This is because electric cars will become the most popular. They will allow us to easily adopt to new alternative fuel technology. Instead of having to replace hundreds of millions of cars on the read, you simply have to change the fuel source or the power grid input. This can be done through solar power, but it would be very expensive to put it directly in a car. 

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