Do you think we will ever ban Teflon use?



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    Well, I hope so, but without the general public knowing the dangers, it’s hard to really get anything banned. I know many people who get teflon confused with kevlar, who want to know why bullet proof vests should be banned. I think eventually there will be enough people who understand the dangers and want to get rid of it.

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    Unless significant changes are made to the existing system, i don’t suspect it will be likely.  Cigarettes are still produced.  Carcinogenic parabens and other ingredients, including processed foods, are still produced….despite the rising data about their harmful effects.  There have been multiple products banned in Europe and Canada which are still widely used in the US, like benzoyl alcohol.

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    Yah I agree, I believe it won’t get band for a while. It is really hard to get anything banned that is used by corporate companies in large amounts. Nevertheless, people still use chlorine like crazy without realizing the incredible amount of adverse side effects. I am sure we will hear about this in the future. 

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