Do you think we will ever ban spray paint cans?



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      I’m sorry my answer didn’t show up, but I said that as long as CFCs and other dangerous chemicals are removed from the cans then there really is no reason to ban spray paint or other spray cans.

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    Aerosol-based delivery has no inherent problem with it — its the gases contained that are at issue. Banning aerosols because some of them are harmful would be like banning syringes because some of them are used to deliver drugs. We already have plenty of regulations on aerosols, on both federal and state levels.

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    Though the spray delivery system itself isn’t the problem, the harmful chemical mixture within the can is. There are many chemicals within these spray cans that can cause cancer, brain damage, and other health issues up to death. With such dangers in a little can, I think it is entirely possible that aerosol cans will one day be banned due to the chemical concoction within. Unless new aerosol cans can be developed to operate without those harmful chemicals, I see the spray delivery system being radically changed. Perhaps some time in the near future, a new delivery system will be developed for paint so as to not cause poisonous vapors to flow into people’s lungs. 

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